Mark Haslam

Mark Haslam
  • Managing Director - Loudmouth Media
Mark Haslam is Managing Director of Loud Mouth Media, a leading performance marketing agency and two-time winner of ‘Best Small PPC Agency in the UK’ at the UK Search Awards 2017 and 2018.
Mark has over 10 years’ experience managing high-performing PPC accounts and working with market-leading clients including Titanic Belfast, Harry Corry and the IFA. Having gained valuable online advertising experience working as a Web Consultant in the telecommunications industry, Mark’s fervent passion for digital instilled his vision and motivation to set up Loud Mouth Media in 2011. His aim was to do PPC differently – creating more transparent, measurable digital experiences and building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with clients.
Mark is widely recognised as a ‘no-nonsense digital advertising expert’. He manages the running of the whole agency, developing the key strategic insight behind campaigns and liaising with his team of specialists to ensure that key performance objectives are achieved for his clients.

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